Buy a house in Montreal

Buying a house in Montreal, why not?

It's easier than you think, even for a temporary resident.
Home values have increased by 6% per year on average for 10 years.
Transfer taxes are low (1 to 3%).
Access to mortgage financing is possible.

But don't buy without a broker!

Brokers are members of a Professional Order, the OACIQ. Their training gives them solid technical (architecture, geology, materials, etc.), commercial (negotiation), legal and financial skills.

A single broker gives you access to the entire market.
All properties are listed on the website
Choose a broker from the LP Relocation team, they are familiar with the situation of newcomers.

In a transaction, there are 2 brokers, one advises the seller, the other advises the buyer. Your broker costs you nothing, it is the seller who pays the commission shared between the 2 brokers.

Suzanne Beauchamp

I have been a Residential Real Estate Broker, member of the OACIQ, for several years.
I accompanied many newcomers for the purchase of their house.

Cell phone: 514 922-3969

Luca Bodo

As a real estate broker established in Montreal for 10 years, I am a passionate expert on the local real estate scene. With in-depth knowledge of each neighborhood and solid experience, I am committed to guiding my clients precisely through each transaction, offering sound advice and tailored solutions to make their real estate dreams come true.

Cell phone: 514 892-1112