Our Team

Laurence Prat


Laurence Prat founded LP Relocation Canada in 2009. Since 2000 she has been working actively in the relocation sector beginning in Spain, then France and now Canada. A true expat, she was born in Japan, but raised and educated in the French culture. She speaks French, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Angie Hanusaik

Marketing & Business Development

Angie Hanusaik is a partner of LP Relocation since 2013. Born in Montreal, she is a Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) graduate. After moving to Spain, she studied Marketing and worked for European multinationals in the communication and media sector. She returned to Montreal 6 years ago with her family.
Angie speaks English, French and Spanish.

Alain Meunier

Administration & Finance

After a long career working for different multinationals (Lafarge, Pechiney, Rexel..) where he was posted in various countries (Brazil, USA...). In Barcelona, Spain he became Owner and General Manager of a company for some 10 years and then founded LP Relocation together with Laurence Prat in 2009 where he handles the finance and administration of the company.